Jiawei Da 达佳伟

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

The University of Texas at Austin

About me

Hello there! Welcome to my personal webpage! I am Jiawei Da, a postdoctoral research fellow working at the University of Texas at Austin, under the Phanerzoic CO2PIP project. My passion lies in exploring the fascinating fields of soil science, the global carbon cycle, and paleoclimate. My current research focuses on the reconstruction of late Cenozoic climate reconstructions based on paleosols from the Chinese Loess Plateau, using a variety of geochemical tools and modeling approaches. When I am not doing research, I enjoy working out and playing basketball to keep a healthy balance in life. I have a deep appreciation for travel, and visiting all the US national parks is a lifelong goal of mine.

  • Soil science
  • Stable isotopes
  • Paleoclimate
  • Carbon cycle
  • PhD in Geology (Transition from MD to PhD in 2015), 2013 - 2020

    Nanjing University

  • BSc in Geology, 2008 - 2012

    Jilin University


The university of Texas at Austin
CO2PIP postdoctoral research fellow
Aug 2022 – Present Austin, TX

Responsibilities include:

  • Coordination within the paleosol-CO2 community
  • Compilation and Modernization of published paleosol-CO2 records
  • Developing a proxy system model of the paleosol system
Nanjing University
postdoctoral research fellow
Sep 2020 – Jul 2022 Nanjing, China
Key laboratory of Surfical Geochemistry, Ministry of Education, Nanjing University
Research assistant
Key laboratory of Surfical Geochemistry, Ministry of Education, Nanjing University
Sep 2017 – Jul 2022 Nanjing, China

Responsibilities include:

  • Maintaining the optical spectrum devices
  • Sample pretreatment and analyses

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Recent Publications

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(2022). Overestimate of C4 Plant Abundance Caused by Soil Degradation-Induced Carbon Isotope Fractionation. Geophysical Research Letters, 48.24 (2021): e2021GL093407.


(2022). Aridity-driven decoupling of δ13C between pedogenic carbonate and soil organic matter. Geology, 48.10 (2020): 981-985..


(2022). An Early Pleistocene atmospheric CO2 record based on pedogenic carbonate from the Chinese loess deposits. *Earth and Planetary Science Letters 426 (2015): 69-75.


(2019). Low CO2 levels of the entire Pleistocene epoch. *Nature Communications, 10 *(4342).